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With Great Sorrow, the ALS Board of Directors Announce the Passing of Dr. William Wellborn

It is with great sorrow that the American Liszt Society Board of Directors announce the passing of Dr. William Wellborn, a long-time active board member of the ALS, president of the San Francisco Chapter of the ALS, and piano faculty member of the pre-college division of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His many years on the board, his advocacy for the music of Franz Liszt both as a performing artist and presenter, and his tireless devotion to his students are just a few of the fond memories that the ALS will cherish about his life and work. We also note the success of his many enjoyable, memorable, and musical tours of Europe for music lovers of all kinds. Dr. Wellborn will be greatly missed by one and all, and we pass along to his family, friends, and professional colleagues our condolences and share in the grief of his passing.

-Jay Hershberger, president

His obituary can be accessed here

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