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Founded by David Kushner, Fernando Laires, and Charles Lee, The American Liszt Society was incorporated in 1964.

The purpose of the Society is to promote scholarship and a general understanding of the full creative and historical significance of Franz Liszt in the education and development of both the composition and performance of music throughout the Western World. Each year ALS festivals have presented member talent and outstanding guests celebrating Liszt, his influence, and his ideals.

Throughout its history, the Society has endeavored to bring the ideals and philosophy of Liszt into the contemporary setting to aid and serve colleagues and to promote high standards. The membership has been comprised primarily of musicians, but members have come and continue to come from scores of other professions (for example, medicine, business, journalism, etc.). As Liszt "hurled his lance into the future," the Society strives to perpetuate and more fully understand Liszt's contribution and special message.

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