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Chapters Directory

As of 2023

Eastern US

University of Hartford Chapter
President: Luiz de Moura Castro

Cairn/Philadelphia Chapter
President: Benjamin Harding

Boston/Northern New England Chapter
President: Pending

Washington/Baltimore Chapter
President: Steven Spooner


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chapter
President: Paul Barnes

Indiana University Chapter
President: Pending

Northern Indiana Chapter
President: Jonathan Young

Indianapolis Chapter
President: Ryan Behan

Kansas Chapter
President: Mei Li

Concordia College Chapter
President: Jay Hershberger

Western US

Northern Indiana Chapter
President: Jonathan Young

Utah Chapter
President: Vedrana Subotic

Arizona Chapter
President: Cathal Breslin

Southern US

Houston Chapter
President: Pending

South Florida Chapter

(Florida International University)
President: José Raúl López

James Madison University/Shenandoah Valley Chapter
President: Eric Ruple

South Carolina Chapter
President: Philip Powell

West Texas Chapter
President: Richard Fountain

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