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The ALS Announces with Deep Sadness the Passing of Dr. Elyse Mach

On behalf of the American Liszt Society and its Board of Directors, it is with deep sadness that the ALS announces the passing of Dr. Elyse Mach, a stalwart and faithful board member, Professor of Piano at the University of Northeastern Illinois, author of many books on music and the piano, and a tireless advocate for the music of Franz Liszt in the lives of young musicians. In addition to the many editions of her class piano text: Contemporary Class Piano, her 2-volume series Great Pianists Speak for Themselves, and her numerous contributions over the years to Clavier Magazine, Dr. Mach was particularly devoted to helping young musicians find their way in the world of music. The ALS exchange program Liszt Connectionswas a particular passion of hers, connecting college students from different institutions to perform the music of Liszt as a means of gaining valuable experience on the stage and with the music that the ALS champions so deeply. Dr. Mach will be greatly missed by all of her family, friends, and colleagues. We share in the grief of her passing and offer our condolences to all who knew and loved this remarkable human being.

-Jay Hershberger, president

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