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Dr. Thomas Mastroianni, President of the American Liszt Society, died Friday, September 19, 2014 at his home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

From Dr. Jay Hershberger, we have learned that the viewing will be at Collins Funeral Home, 500 University Blvd., Silver Spring, MD 20901 on Tuesday, September 23, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated at noon on Wednesday, September 24 at St John the Baptist Catholic Church on New Hampshire Ave. in Silver Spring.

The Board of Directors of the American Liszt Society extends its deepest sympathy to Tom's wife, Mary Ann; their three children, Lauren, Michael, and Elizabeth; and his extended family and many friends and former students.

Requiescat in pace. You will be missed, dear Tom.

Daniel Barenboim newest recipient of American Liszt Society Medal!

As part of the opening ceremonies at the 50th anniversary festival of the American Liszt Society, President Thomas Mastroianni presented Maestro Daniel Barenboim with the Medal of the American Liszt Society. The citation read:

"Daniel Barenboim is one of the leading musicians of our time. One must never use such language lightly, lest one devalue it. In the case of Maestro Barenboim, however, it is no more than the simple truth. Pianist, conductor, teacher, and author, his multi-faceted career places him in a similar category to that of Franz Liszt, whose music he has done so much to promote over a rich lifetime of music-making – over half a century in fact.

Maestro Barenboim understands that celebrity is pointless unless it is put to good use. His West–Eastern Divan Orchestra, comprised mainly of Israeli and Arab musicians, was created in 1999, in cooperation with his colleague, Palestinian-born scholar and author Edward Said, for the purpose of showing that it is possible for people from this war-torn region to learn to understand and respect one another's point of view. The orchestra is based in Seville, near enough both to Israel and Palestine to bring concerts to their respective peoples. Daniel Barenboim held the first rehearsals in Weimar, which is not only the city of Goethe (whose collection of poems The West-Eastern Divan gave the orchestra its name), but is also the spiritual home of Franz Liszt and a world center for Liszt scholarship.

"Maestro Barenboim's efforts to use music for the improvement of society place him in a direct line of descent from Franz Liszt, whose watchword 'Genie oblige!' ('Genius carries obligations!') was based on the ethical idea that being gifted by Providence with musical talent imposed on one a special duty to give something back. This idea of giving something back surely finds its modern equivalent in the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, as we witness these young musicians placing their talents in the service of something higher than self-interest. Maestro Barenboim may not recall Alfred Cortot's beautiful aphorism, 'Music forces Mankind to confront its Nobility,' but it is a phrase that readily springs to mind as we observe his work with this orchestra.

"Daniel Barenboim's Liszt recitals are legendary and have attracted much attention. We think especially of the evenings he has devoted to Liszt's operatic paraphrases in such venues as the Royal Opera House (London) and La Scala Opera House (Milan), perfect venues for such repertoire, as Liszt himself realized when he became the first pianist to give a solo recital at La Scala as far back as 1837. As an interpreter of Liszt's music Barenboim has few peers. His persuasive interpretations are notable for their sheer musicality, a refreshing change in an age which so often sees in Liszt little more than a flamboyant virtuoso offering opportunities for physical display. It only remains to add that both in his radio and his television interviews Barenboim continues to argue eloquently for a proper recognition of Liszt's unique place in musical history.

It is a distinct privilege and a high honor to present Daniel Barenboim with the Medal of the American Liszt Society in the year 2014 – a year that also happens to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Society."

To view a recorded message from Maestro Barenboim in response to the award, please click here.

CORRECTION of dates for 2014 Los Angeles International Liszt Competition!!!

The correct dates for the 2014 Los Angeles International Liszt Competition are NOVEMBER 21, 22, 23. Entry deadline (determined by postmark) is October 1, 2014. For more information, please go to LAILC

Kudos and thanks

to the faculty, staff and administration of James Madison University for their outstanding presentation of the 2014 conference and festival of ALS. Bravissimi!!! Pictures from the 2014 event, courtesy of Dominique Caplier, are being edited as of July 27. If YOU have pictures that you feel would be appropriate and interesting for all to view, please send them to Dr. Edward Rath, ALS webmaster, at e.rath@comcast.net. Please send the pictures as e-mail attachments in .jpeg format; you should also compress very large files.

Alan Walker Book Award Winners Announced for 2014. For more information, go to Alan Walker Book Award 2014.

NY/NJ Chapter hosts Polish violinist Joanna Kaczorowska and Argentinian pianist Pablo Lavandera in Concert on May 29.

Sophia Agranovich performs concert on May 31 and announces a new CD Recording

Michael Lewin releases two new recordings.

Kris Becker performed a special Mother's Day Concert on May 11. For more information, go to the event's Facebook page at Kris Becker Concert.
Kris Becker wins MTNA Distinguished Composer of the Year Award!

Horst Förster Receives Leipzig Medal of Honour.

Justin Kolb Plays Concert in Oak Park on May 3.

The upcoming issue of the ALS Newsletter (Vol. 30 No. 1), second 50th-anniversary commemorative issue, was mailed on Thursday, August 28. US members will receive the issue via bulk-rate mail; international members will receive the publication by first-class mail. If you do not receive your copy by September 15, please contact Barbara Kolb.

The deadline for the next issue of the Newsletter (Vol 30. No. 2) is Monday, December 15, 2014.

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