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Éva Polgár, László Borbély, and jazz pianist Gábor Varga Present Recitals in LA, NYC, and DC

Éva Polgár, Co-Director of the Los Angeles International Liszt Competition, pianist László Borbély, and jazz pianist Gábor Varga presented recitals on November 22 in Los Angeles at Zipper Hall; November 27 in New York at Carnegie Hall, and November 29 in Washington DC, at the Kennedy Center. Their program was entitled, "Carpathian Impressions," and featured a blend of classical and jazz piano music based on the Carpathian Valley's thousand-year-old musical heritage. The program introduced the diverse, heartbreaking, peaceful, and virtuosic nature of this ancient cultural treasure. On the wings of familiar melodies by Liszt, Bartók, and Kodály, plus improvisations inspired by the traditions of Central Europe, Hungarian classical pianists Éva Polgár and László Borbély and jazz pianist Gábor Varga took their audiences on a sensational journey!

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