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2002 Festival Overview - The Italian Aspect of Liszt

Thomas Mastroianni, Festival Director
May 22-25, 2002

Hosted by
The Catholic University of America
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
The Library of Congress
The Amalfi Coast Music Festival
Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Wednesday, May 22 — Gala Opening Concert

  • ALS Board Meeting
  • Gala Opening Concert (presented by Istituto Italiano di Cultura) Michele Campanella performs Operatic Transcriptions by Liszt

Thursday, May 23 — Religion and Spirituality

  • Liszt and Italy
    (Richard Freed)
  • Liszt and the Franciscans
    St. Francis Legends
    (Luiz de Moura Castro)
  • Liszt and the Church of Rome (Vatican I and Pius IX)
    La Bénédiciton de Dieu dans la Solitude
    (Paul Barnes)
  • Année III Liszt and Contemplation
    (David Cannata)
  • Performance of Année III
    (Marilyn Neeley, Chiara Selby, James Litzelman)
  • Entr'acte
  • Venice and Naples and Wagner
    (Roseanne Conway, Boaz Sharon, Ann Schein)

Friday, May 24 - Italian Art and Poetry

  • Liszt and Italian Poetry and Art
    (Eric Le Van, Roberto Severino)
  • Laura through the Lens of Hugo: Liszt's Petrarch Sonnets
    (Rena Charnin Meuller)
  • Petrarch Sonnets (Vocal and piano versions)
    (Matthew Wolff, Michael Cordovana, Justin Kolb)
  • Liszt and Dante
    (Dennis McAuliffe, Jay Hershberger)
  • Liszt and the Erand Piano
    (Dennis McAuliffe, Jay Hershberger)
  • Liszt and Virtuosity
    Transcendental Etudes, William Tell Transcription
    (Ian Hobson)

Saturday, May 25—Virtuosity

  • Liszt and Bel Canto Piano
    (Cyrilla Barr)
  • Opera Excerpts and Transcriptions
    (Nancy Roldan, Eric Le Van, Edward Newman, Jerome Rose)
  • Liszt and Thalberg
    Paccini – Cavatina, Moses Fantasy
    (Louis Nagel)
  • Paganini Etudes
    (Michael Gurt, Joseph Gurt)
  • Liszt in America
    (Raymond Jackson)
  • Library of Congress Finale
    3 Concert Etudes
    Mephisto Waltz #1
    Sonata in B Minor
    (Ian Hobson, Michael Lewin, Robert Roux)
  • Benefit Concert - Italian Cultural Society